Medicare Website Redesign


Building a better online shopping experience for the the largest private health insurance exchange in the U.S. and make it responsive and mobile friendly. 

2 weeks design, 3 weeks development, 15 templates, and over 100pages


  • Interaction Design (wireframe, interactive prototype)
  • Concepts Development -I sketched concepts on paper and translate those ideas into features that address Medicare users’ needs. I streamlined the process to make it better
  • Project scope planning -I defined the product with my project manager and prioritized the scopes of the project. As a result, we started with mobile first, then finds content and information and understands how to get user from point A to point B on mobile easily. 
  • Visual Design


  • 1 Product Manager
  • 1 Front-end Engineer
  • 3-5 Back-end  Engineers
  • 1 UX Designer (me)


Nearly 2/3 of Americans are now smartphone users, and 77% seniors are now cell phone owners. Since 2013, the number of Medicare senior shopping on mobile devices has increased. In the beginning of 2015, about 30% of the unique visitors are coming from mobile devices to shop for Medicare health plans at the eHealth site. 

Medicare health insurance website is not user friendly for user to shop on their mobile devices: screens are small. With the responsive site, this helped to expand the business growth and increase revenue.  For these reasons and more, smartphones represent a huge opportunity for immediate and long-term customers engagement. 

The Challenge

  • Aggressive deadline and scope ( 2 weeks design, 3 weeks development, 15 templates, and over 100pages)
  • Complex informations and data


  1. Redesign the website that's mobile friendly to increase customers's engagement and experiences
  2. Increase unique visitors and traffic and sales

Understanding Users and User Behaviors 

MLiu preso 2017.001.jpeg

Define Framework


Design Exploration and WIreframe


Expert testing and feedback

Testing feedback.png

INteractive Prototype

Mobile interactive protoype-sm.gif

The Launch


The Impact

the impact.jpg