Medication Shipment Center



CareZone has two types of shipment customers:

  1. Pharmacy patients — recurring medication orders.

  2. Retail customers — one time or monthly vitamin orders and healthy gadgets.

We faced the challenge of not having a full answer to the question — “Where’s my stuff?” With the shipment center, our goal was to be able to provide answers for the following questions:

  • What medication or retail items to expect in any given shipment?

  • How can I edit or change my shipment?

My Role

I was a team of one and led the shipment design experience from competitive study, sketch, wireframe, prototype, design, design specs, QA to launched the web and app.

I worked with 1 product manager, 4 back-end engineers, 3 front-end engineers, 3 iOS engineers, 3 Android engineers



There were two back-end platforms: one platform was for pharmacists to use for all the medication orders and statuses;  the other one was for customer support representatives to check on all medication statuses.

However, the challenge was these two platforms were not talking to each other, and not talking to the mobile app, so it required lots of manual work from both customer support and pharmacists. The process was not intuitive and lacked efficiency and accuracy. Hence, we wanted to build a Shipment Center to enable self-serve ability to any needed changes to those shipments.


  • Reduce the number of inquiries related to expected arrival of next shipment of meds

  • Increase status transparency of shipment and/or medication

  • Reduce patient & customer churn

  • Reduce Care Advisor (customer support) or pharmacy redundancies by providing self-serve functionality

Metrics to measure

  • Expect reduction in incoming calls/in boxes/emails about when the next shipment is due and what meds/items to expect in it

  • Expect reduction in churn for patients/retail subscribers

  • Expect increase in targeted and clearer incoming messages about changes to the next shipment of meds/items

  • Expect reduction in last minute changes sent to pharmacy



Design Iterations


Edit Shipment Flow and Specs


Web Flow

Mobile Final Design